The Stefan Petrov shop

The instruments from this shop were originally made in Eastern Europe.  At the time, China was not open in the way it has been in recent years.  If Chinese luthiers were to practice and perfect their craft, they frequently went to Europe where most good quality violins were being made.  Once China became more open and allowed private enterprise, the Chinese luthiers in Europe could see a more promising future back home.  In this case, a decision was made to move the shop to China.  The move was well planned and resulted in improvements to the instruments. The already good quality of the handwork got even better, the varnish was improved, more time could be taken in the hand graduations so sound improved, prices were more affordable, and the line of instruments was expanded to include both the Workshop and Trista models.

The vision and mission of the shop remain the same – to provide superior replicas of instruments made by the old Italian masters at affordable prices for advancing and professional players. The shop has been located in Guangdong province for the last ten years and makes some of the most beautiful, playable, and powerful instruments in the market today.  It offers six models at various price points. Three Palms Strings resells five of those six models starting with the Trista Select at  $1495.00, and ending with the Superior model at $4500.00.

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