In-Home Trial

We believe that it is very important for every advancing and professional player to try their instrument in as many different venues as possible. Through this process, you are sure to discover that one special instrument that will enable you to advance and perform at the highest level.  Trying instruments and bows in your environment will: let you hear it at all distances, enable your teacher (or other trusted source) to provide feedback, and eliminate the risk of purchasing an instrument that fails to exceed your expectations.   It is for all of these reasons we are happy to send you up to three instruments, and/or bows, for an in-home trial for up to 10 days.

To set up an in-home trial, select the instruments, and/or bows, you would like to try and choose the BUY OPTION – 10 Day Home Trial. Add each item to your shopping cart and complete the: contact, shipping, and billing details. After you check out, we will give you a call to confirm the items you would like to try and to obtain your credit card information and other details needed to secure the shipment. We will not charge your card until you confirm the item(s) you will keep.  In the event you want to return all the instruments, we will charge a flat rate shipping fee to your credit card in the amount of $35.00 to cover some of the cost of return shipping. However, if you select one or more of the items you received, there will be no return shipping charges.

If your in-home trial shipment contains three violins (this is what we recommend), two of them will be shipped in a double case and one will be in a single violin case. The double violin case will have all the shipping materials needed for the safe return of the instruments.  It will also have return shipping instructions and a return shipping label.  If you select a violin that you will purchase and you pay by check, a 3% discount will be extended to you and you may keep the very attractive single violin case as our thank you.

Please call 386.957.1966 or email with any questions that you may have.  We normally ship your home trial order within one day of your submission. However, during the very warm shipping months, it is best if these instruments are not left on a loading dock over the weekend. This can delay your shipment by a day or two.

The instruments and bows that are part of this In-Home Trial offer are Hermann Luger Bows, Stefan Petrov violins, and Guangzhou Consortium violins.