Two great programs for music educators: our Affiliate and Referral programs. Three Palms Strings supports an active community of like-minded music educators that have the best interest of their students at the forefront of everything they do. We are looking to add partners to both of these programs nationwide. Brief details of each follow:

Our Affiliate Program – in this program you have a website, or other social media account where you can send the person to our website through yours.  We will then look at the people we have on file and if the person you send to us is new, we will let you know that you are the affiliate for that person.  Please call Steve at 321.345.5515 for more details, or click this button to become an Affiliate.

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Our Referral Program – We are committed to helping music educators convert students into accomplished players. Quality referrals help us to engage with students that are ready to invest in better instruments that will help them achieve their potential. Our program is centered on providing up to three violins and a good number of bows to the student, or our Referral Partner, through a no risk In-Home trial.

We offer the very best instruments at price points between $1,500.00 and $15,000.00.  As part of our Referral Partner Program and for our Master Instrument trials, we believe two instruments from the Guangzhou Consortium should be sent since these are by far the very best instruments being sold today between $8,000.00 and $15,000.00. However, we are very much aware of the perception in some quarters that Chinese instruments are not on par with those made in Europe. We agree that most Chinese instruments are not, but we know that there are small pockets of excellence in violin making especially in Guangzhou China.  The violins from the Guangzhou Consortium exemplify this.  Since we also have a good supply of fine older European instruments that fall into that price range, for those who still hold onto this view, we suggest sending one of these along with two from the Consortium.  We have no doubt that our referral partners and players can decide for themselves which instrument they prefer. We also understand that many dealers want to sell their stock of European instruments. Players will be told that European instruments are superior, this is simply no longer the case.  So let us provide both in a side by side In-Home trial and let’s settle this issue once and for all for instruments priced between $8,000.00 and $15,000.00 dollars.

Please call 321.345.5515 and ask for Steve to obtain additional information about this innovative customer-oriented program and how,  you as a music educator can participate as a Three Palms Strings Referral Partner.

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