Hermann Luger Bows

Three Palms Violins is very pleased to be able to bring you the very best value in full sterling mounted Pernambuco violin bows from the shop of Hermann Luger. Having worked with this shop for more than ten years, we can say their consistency and quality is superb.  Unlike many Chinese bow shops that have only been in businesses for 5-10 years, the Luger shop has been making bows for more than 20 years.  Their focus is on top quality materials fashioned by hand to be both beautiful and effective.  They make exquisite copies of fine European bows. Great pride is taken in their bow making which uses only certified Pernambuco. The shop has an incredibly large number of Pernambuco blanks in stock that have been naturally dried for many years.  Their hand-work is second to none, and the bows are inspiringly responsive, strong and straight, producing a pure sound which is rich in expression.

Currently Three Palms Strings will stock six of their most popular bow models.  Since the shop makes more than 20 models total, we can always special order just about any model bow that you may want. So whether you are looking for a great basic Pernambuco stick – VPMB at $699.00 or a more intricate and beautiful gold mounted model VPMB-14K selling for $3495.00, or anything in between, we are sure to have a perfect bow for you.

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