Guangzhou Consortium

Guangzhou (gwahngjoh), the city of flowers formally known as Canton, is the capital city of the Guangdong province. It is the third largest city in China and the largest in South China. Known as a trade city on the Pearl River, it enjoys a rich and diverse cultural heritage greatly influenced by the Middle East in the 10th and 11th Centuries and Europe in the 16th Century.

Guangzhou is world renowned in the art of violin making. The master makers of the Guangzhou Consortium have all participated in the Biennial violin making competition put on by the Violin Society of America (VSA), and have taken a number of awards at other such international competitions.

Many in China say, “Piano is to Beijing, as the violin is to Guangzhou.” From industry traditions in Wuzhou, Guangzhou’s leading violin making is evident. Just as Rome was not built in a day, Guangzhou violin making, as we know it today, is comprised of three generations of unremitting efforts and careful crafting. As a result, Guangzhou has a rich concentration of violin making historians who share a common goal of passing on the valued traditions, heritage, and the skills of the art of violin making.

Having visited this area for several years we have always been impressed with the skill, passion, and devotion exhibited by many of its makers. In 2014 Allen Gatchell entered into a co-operation with four of the very best: Danio Wu, Dennis Yi, Lelio Pan, and Marco Jian. All are classically trained in the art of violin making. These talented master makers hand-craft superb violins for advanced and professional players around the world. Each instrument is made by a single maker from start to finish and bears the maker’s signature and certificate of authenticity. Bench copies of famous instruments, the makers own interpretations, and custom-made instruments are available upon request.  Only master grade European tone wood and the very best ebony is used. Many of the instruments have fine Italian fittings. All are professionally set up by Allen Gatchell in his shop in Melbourne, FL.  Each is played extensively and Stradpet advanced Titanium fittings are used, as needed, in order to bring out the very best in these wonderful instruments.

Three Palms Violins is very pleased to make these master violins available to advancing and professional players throughout North America. By clicking here you will be taken to our overall listing of the instruments we currently have available from these makers.  The images are the exact instrument you will receive.  By clicking on one of the violins listed, you will be taken to a more detailed page where you can manipulate a 360-degree rotation, and use a special magnifier tool, that will enable you to see every detail of these fine hand-crafted violins.

We encourage at home trials so that you can experience up to three violins in your own environment.   Please click here for more details on our In-Home Trial Offer. Up until recently, many professional and advanced players would only consider European made instruments. This was unfortunate since the very best instruments currently being made in China offer a much better value for the investment made.  Having been in this business for more than ten years, we have seen both and feel that the instruments from the Guangzhou Consortium are superior to any European instruments selling at the same or similar price point.  In fact, if you take advantage of our free home trial, we can (upon your request) include an older European instrument of equal value so that you can do a comparison yourself.

One last thing, we are currently in the process of creating videos with high-quality audio, so you can see and listen to the instrument you are interested in trying.  These will be added no later than January 30, 2019. For more information about each of the four makers, please click here.