As you know, the art of violin making has been around for over 400 years. Our current period is most likely going to be seen as a second golden age for this craft.  Never before has the world seen so many talented people practicing their craft with such outstanding results.  Today’s maker is following in the footsteps of many generations of luthiers but also imparting a bit of themselves in every instrument they make. Although much of the present day violin has changed very little from the time of Paganini, modern materials that are acoustically superior are now being introduced and used with much success in order to enhance desired qualities.  These same materials can be applied in different thicknesses or densities in order to enable the instrument to play to its potential.  Three Palms Strings has a wide variety of violin, viola and cello accessories that can help the maker achieve the sound that is best for the instrument being made.  One would not think that a simple tail gut could have such an impact on power, tone, and color, but it can.  Other accessories like a Titanium fine tuner and end button can not only help achieve sought-after tonal qualities, they can lighten the weight of the instrument giving it a better feel and enabling it to more freely vibrate without interference or filtering.  The same can be said of the chin rest and fingerboard. All of these small details that can have a significant effect on tonal quality, power, responsiveness, playability, and color.

When thinking about the chin rest, it is interesting to note that today’s rests differ significantly from that which was used only 80 years ago.  Over time most providers of chin rests started to automate and began making small changes to the shape of the rest in order to improve productivity and lower cost.  In doing so, these rests are simply not as comfortable and well-fitting as they once were.  In the coming months, we will introduce chin rests designed to comfortably fit four types of players. These rests, made by Gatchell Innovations, will be lighter weight and much more comfortable than the production rests in wide use today.

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